Advanced features for your business

The App designed for companies, and their employees and visitors. It includes integrated management of access control of barriers such as turnstiles, car parks, meeting rooms, restricted areas and other gates.

Can be used in any environment by means of mobile devices or secure tokens (badges), ensuring fast response times even in the event of a high number of concurrent users. The App is enabled in both local and remote access management, and can be easily integrated with other existing company access control systems.

We provide the complete support necessary to design the best solution for the company, offering a highly innovative and customized solution, well in line with the level of security and functionality required. We guarantee the installation of applications and devices, training and after-sales assistance, according to requests.

Built with a cloud-based architecture and according to the most advanced technologies on the market, PasSy has RESTful API libraries that allow a full openness, extensibility, and the possibility to create customized solutions.

It works with Windows Phone devices (Windows Mobile 10+), iPhone (iOS 10+), Android 5+ smartphones.

Enterprise App

All the benefits of enterprise features in the very PasSy App. Manage your business securely and easily anywhere and anytime.

Passy for iPhone Passy for Android