How it works

Versatility in few simple steps.

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Choose the access mode of your choice

PasSy is a completely versatile solution that allows you to choose between multiple access modes, according to your needs and budget: keypad, badge, APP, and more. It is compatible with the most popular standards, thus allowing it to be integrated with existing, third-party systems. As an alternative to the web site and the App, it is possible to use badge readers, numeric keypads and other access control solutions.

Not just limited to the management of access, but also sensors and systems for home automation.

The use of a robust and versatile cloud service and the powerful functions of the Controller Device, allow PasSy to be integrated easily with home automation systems. The system can communicate with other devices, such as sensors or detectors, through a serial connection or through the Internet. And if you have some hospitality infrastructure, just connect the room card holder to PasSy to manage the loads and climate in the room, based on presence.

Access the Web Portal and manage permissions in a simple and intuitive way.

From the PasSy portal it is possible to easily manage permissions. The versatility of the system consists in the possibility to create well-defined roles, groups and areas, and to associate automated actions based on specified events (such as opening a door).

In addition to this, the portal offers a convenient control function to know, in real time, who is accessing where.

Download the PasSy App on your smartphone: a keychain always at your fingertips.

Once synchronized, the App allows you to use your smartphone to have access to the areas allowed, either locally via Bluetooth or NFC, or remotely.