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With PasSy you can perform access control either locally or remotely, in a SAFE and SIMPLE way with your smartphone.

Come funziona

A single system for the complete management of your places

PasSy is a simple and complete solution that manages access control, such as opening doors, turnstiles and other gates; it works both locally and remotely, by means of smartphones or badges.

It can be used to access services that require a virtual identification of the user, such as check-in/out at rooms and work spaces, or to command other subsystems in the building, such as lighting or climate..

PasSy guarantees an improved efficiency and productivity of resources, and in the control of environments.

The PasSy solution consists of:

  • Control Device
  • Web portal
  • App

Control device

The PasSy Controller is the core device in the solution, able to control local devices and sensors, allowing to realize multiple innovative scenarios based on centralized policies defined in the cloud.

Dispositivo di Controllo

Control device

The PasSy Controller is the control device that allows opening doors, gates, parking barriers, garages, turnstiles or any other electrically operated device. It is an IoT Field Gateway able to recognize the user via APP on mobile devices or secure tokens (badges), and to distinguish the physical proximity to the device or to the system to be controlled.

It receives data from sensors and devices connected to it, both electrically and via network interfaces, and sends them to the cloud. It receives commands from the cloud and manages actuators both at the electrical level (locks, turnstiles, lights, etc.) and on the local network (eg: Wi-Fi locks, BACnet home automation bus).

The device has several standard connections (such as Wiegand, UART, I2C) that allow it to interface with different systems, and is equipped with multiple INPUT and OUTPUT contacts that can control various devices. It also natively supports SimonsVoss wireless solutions and locks.

Web portal

An intuitive site, available on the cloud and accessible from everywhere. To create a virtual key or badge in few simple steps.

Caratteristiche portale

A site that will allow you to manage and remotely monitor and manage all accesses, with just a click.

Different profiles, different commands. Create as many users as you need, and assign permissions to each one dynamically.

The virtual key, which is used to manage the reception, room & service check-in and access, is sent to guests’ smartphones (or any other collaborator granted with access), and is automatically disabled at the planned expiration date.

Safety first

PasSy uses the most modern cybersecurity technologies and has all the Microsoft certifications for portal access, thus ensuring maximum reliability and total data privacy. The data exchange between smartphones and devices also takes place in a fully secure manner.

Are you an installer?

Enjoy a fully remote configuration and management of the system. Once the device is connected, you can comfortably complete the configuration activities from wherever you want, by accessing the website with your browser. If needed, you can modify, manage or reconfigure everything as easily as on-site.

Are you a company?

If you need to have a PasSy solution completely integrated into your IT management system, branded according to your logo etc., and manage everything in a fully autonomous way, then the solution for you is PasSy Enterprise


An App always with you, which turns your smartphone into a key ring

PasSy Enterprise
Passy - Smartphone

After installing PasSy, it will no longer be necessary to provide a copy of the keys to all the guests and collaborators. Furthermore, by registering the individual users, it will also be possible to perform a detailed monitoring of all entry and exit times. Above all, PasSy means maximum comfort; you can set different opening modes:

  • Via APP when you are in proximity, or remotely

  • Via badge (requires Wiegand reader).

  • Via porta

  • Via keypad (PIN code)