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Support your business with leading-edge access control and home automation functions.

Passy Business

Integration with IT management software

PasSy integrates easily with the most popular IT management softwares, and with the most widespread booking systems..

Access management

A solution to the problems of identification and access to the various rooms of the structure; a wide range of devices can be controlled, which can be operated electrically or even wirelessly, such as:

  • parking barriers

  • electric doors

  • wireless locks

It allows you to manage access permissions to a limitless number of users, by using simple and flexible rules.

Welcome and check-in

The installation of kiosks or totems allows you to welcome staff, perform authentication and check-in, give specific messages, and inform in real time about the structure's services, events and programs.

Home automation systems

It guarantees the highest level of comfort to the customer and a significant energy saving. By connecting to the home automation bus or directly to the systems, Passy is able to offer a unified interface to manage different control functions, such as:

  • Lighting

  • Climate

  • Audio-video

Remote management and security

It guarantees complete freedom to access, manage and control you facility at any time and from any location. Access to services and permissions are available in real time on cloud systems (Microsoft Azure). The most modern security technologies are used. The exchange of information between the smartphone, the device and the remote system is performed in an encrypted and secure manner.

Additional services

It allows to access additional services, also fee-based (such as vending machines, event booking, etc.) directly by means of a smartphone, combining the identification function, with the proximity and management of the remaining credit.