Security and comfort always with you

The Passy App allows you to easily manage access control via smartphones or secure tokens, which become your virtual keys.

You can grant rights to your smartphone through the Web Portal, and use it to open doors or other gates connected to electromechanical or wireless locks, readers based on any technology, keyboards, etc. The management through PasSy APP is perfect, both both in proximity and remotely, for hotels, B&B, holiday homes, convention centers, gyms, private residences, offices.

The integration with appropriate presence sensors enables the notification of anomalous events, such as alarms, break-in attempts and any other unauthorized access, and to allow or deny access

The portal allows a continuous real-time monitoring of the accesses to the structure, modify the policies, manage permissions, view history and event logs, manage connected equipment and physical badges.

It works with Windows Phone devices (Windows Mobile 10+), iPhone (iOS 10+), Android 5+ smartphones.

PasSy App

Your virtual keychain is always with you, so you can open the doors you want in proximity or remotely..