PasSy Residential

Solutions for the hospitality and home sectors

Manage the access to your facility through a smartphone, in total security and comfort.

Passy Residential

Integration with the booking system

Designed for the specific needs of the tourist market. It can be integrated with the most popular booking systems (, Airbnb etc.).

Access management

A perfect solution to enable the autonomous access of guests. It is able to open gates, main doors and room doors, either internal or external (including armored ones), with or without a smartphones.

Presence detection

It helps to improve home security by sending a notification in case when people or animals are present. You can easily control your facility remotely.

Home automation systems

The solution guarantees the highest level of comfort to guests and maximum cost saving to the owner, thanks to the programmable control of devices; e.g. in case of events, or remotely.

Remote control

It allows you to remotely control access, home automation and presence, also via smartphones. Ensuring complete freedom and security.

Alerts and Alarms

Thanks to dedicated sensors, the system will warn you if the main door is left open, or in case of unauthorized access attempts.