PasSy Enterprise

It combines a cutting-edge cloud technology with an a secure, flexible and integrated access to digital services.o.

Passy Enterprise

Digital identity

Allows to access to any corporate service, such as check-in, access to gates, halls, vending machines or other. The user is identified in a secure way, either via proximity or remotely. It is a perfect combination between individual identification and company policies.

Access management

Allows user identification and opening of any gate, electrically or wirelessly controlled, such as:

  • Parking Barriers and Turnstilesi

  • Office and meeting rooms doors

  • Private or Virtual Areas

Integrabile anche con sistema esterno di navigazione in-door.

Welcome and check-in

The installation of kiosks or totems allows you to welcome staff, perform authentication and check-in, give specific messages, and provide real-time information.

Home automation systems

It guarantees the highest level of comfort. By connecting to the BMS, to the home automation bus or directly to the systems, Passy is able to offer a unified interface to manage different control functions, such as:

  • Lighting

  • Climate

  • Audio-video

Meeting rooms management

Schedule an event or meeting with your own Outlook or Exchange tools, manage the invitation and related updates. The system is integrated with access management and welcome check-in. An intelligent combination between the identification of the employee and the related company policies; making it possible to book the room that best suits the meeting requirements..

Occupation of spaces

It allows you to maximize efficiency and productivity in the workplace, by providing real-time information and support the selection of areas. Interacts with the reservation system and, thanks to proximity, allows you to book the most suitable space for your office work.

Remote management

It guarantees complete freedom to access, manage and control you facility at any time and from any location. Access to services and permissions are available in real time on cloud systems (Microsoft Azure).


It uses the most up-to-date security technologies, able to connect to pre-configured and constantly updated automation systems. The exchange of information between the smartphone, the device and the remote system is performed in an encrypted and secure manner.

Scalability and flexibility

Can be easily modified and expanded, in case of changes, extensions and additions to buildings, equipment or functionalities. The core features of the system do not change as complexity increases.

Ease of installation

It integrates with all existing sensors and it is easy to install. It uses the leading edge cloud technologies, but can also be installed on customer host systems.

Data management

It enables your company to collect information on the usage of digital services, so to model their strategies, streamline processes, improve sustainability, and balance freedom and flexibility.

Additional services

It allows to access additional services, also fee-based (such as vending machines, event booking, etc.) directly by means of a smartphone, combining the identification function, with the proximity and management of the remaining credit.